The beginning, the middle and the end...  What once was, belongs to the past, what now is, makes part of the present and what will be, hasn't happened yet. Time unifies, time divides and time also differentiates!
Welcome to my homepage! My name is De Sena Viegas and I am a Portuguese native speaker.
I live in Germany since 1997 and I've been working as a freelance translator since 2006. Around the  
clock, 7 days a week, I carry out my duties as a translator and always finish the jobs for my different  
customers on time, professionally and competently. I mainly translate from German and English into  
Portuguese, my mother language, and also establish contact to other qualified colleagues who work with  
other language combinations. In my daily work I try to use consistent and precise terminology. In case of  
doubt, a word triangulation brings secure results. This word triangulation, which means to find and  
compare professional translations in different reliable sources, requires intensive research and is not  
always headache-free. As auxiliary means, I use good online sources and dictionaries, as well as my own  
glossaries. If needed, the translation will be based on your own terminology or I can create you a list of  
translated terms in two or more languages. In addition to time saving, I assure you a high-accuracy and,  
of course, the original formatting within your document will be preserved.  

Do you need a translation or an interpretation? Please feel free to contact me!

Alexandre Cláudio de Sena Viegas
   DipTrans IoLET EN-PT, Freelance Translator

Translator of the Portuguese and English languages and interpreter of the Portuguese language authorized by the  
President of the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz, Germany, for notarial and  judicial matters in the Land of Rhineland-